Der rotarische Länderausschuss Deutschland-Pakistan hilft gerne mit den Spenden, die man ihm anvertraut hat. Rotary wacht aber auch darüber, dass die Spenden wirklich dorthin kommen, wo sie dringend gebraucht werden. Dabei helfen die nachstehend aufgeführten Regeln für Antragssteller.
Rules for Donations from Rotary Germany   (State of 20 Sept. 2010)
Donations from German Rotarians for the Rotary Foundation as well as for district or club activities are handled by Rotary Deutschland Gemeindienst e.V. (RDG), Duesseldorf. The responsible fiscal authorities have approved RDG as a charitable non-profit registered trust. To maintain this approval the following rules have to be followed in case of bank transfers from RDG to receiving parties in countries outside Germany or Austria:
1. The funds have to be used only for the specific purpose they were donated for. RDG has to prove this to the German fiscal authorities at any time required.
2. RDG requires for all money transfers a letter of acknowledgement with an attached copy of the statement of account of the receiving party.
3. RDG requires a report on expenditure of the donated funds in form of an income and expense statement and a detailed report of the activities related to it. - If funds of several donors have supported these activities and the expenditures cannot be related to RDG funds specifically, an income and expense statement of all received funds and their related activities has to be presented.
4. The receiving party is obliged to proof the accuracy of the income and expense statement by corresponding receipts, translated into German or English language.
5. The report of the activities may be supported by
a. Photos, flyers, press reports,
b. Official letters of other donors or supporting authorities;
c. Confirmation of the German Embassy or German Consulate that the activities had been executed,
d. If the receiver is a non-profit registered trust, a copy of the charter of the registered trust has to be provided in German or English language.
6. According to German fiscal code, RDG is obliged to keep the receipts of the expenditures for 10 years after termination of the respective project. The Inter Country Committee (ICC) Germany - Pakistan and the recipient organizations in Pakistan assume the same responsibility. ICC imposes the obligation to collect and maintain original documents to the recipient organizations in Pakistan; copies of each document to be provided to the German Section of the ICC. The acceptance of this clause has to be assure and confirmed irrevocably.
7. Before a money transfer is done, the foreign project partner has to agree in writing to the above rules.
8. In case of funds provided to Rotary Clubs of Pakistan or to non-profit organizations working in Pakistan, the respective income and expense statement and report of activities, along with the related bills and documents have to be delivered to the Treasurer of the German Section of the ICC Germany - Pakistan (see the footer ), who will pass them on to RDG after his approval.
These rules have been accepted by:
Receiving party: ..........
Location and date: .........
Signed by: .................
(name in capital letters and function)

Stamp and
Signature: .................



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